Hearing Your Own True Voice

Have you ever said something to someone (probably your kids) and then realized that you heard someone else’s voice in your head as you were saying it?  Perhaps you were repeating something that your mother or father used to say to you?  Often, it is difficult to discern our own inner true voice over all the internal and external chatter that we all have.

We, from birth, have been influenced by many outside messages that tell us what we should be doing, who we should be, how to conform to what others expect from us and how to “get” material things that will help us keep up with the status quo that will ensure that we have a happy, normal life.  But what is normal to some is very abnormal to others, and what makes you happy can be very different from what makes me happy.  So, how do we disengage ourselves from the outside world and from all that inner programming to hear that inner voice that wants us to have joy, happiness and personal empowerment?  We must stop, take stock of our lives, see how we got to where we are and decide if it’s really where we want to be.  Thus begins the journey inward, into your heart space, where your one, true voice resides.

Disengaging from the outside world can be very difficult.  People love drama; they love gossip; they love blaming some outside force (government, religion, the system, etc.) for all the bad things that happen to them and they love to be distracted from what’s really going on inside.  This promotes the victim sub-personality that tells us that we don’t have to take any responsibility for anything including our own well-being, our own feelings and our own reactions to situations and to others that trigger us.  It’s so much easier to blame someone else for all those things in our life that go wrong rather than going inside, doing some exploring and finding out what parts of ourselves have been creating for us.  The victim doesn’t want us to go inside to discover that we are indeed worthy, powerful creators of our own world.  Most people are so attached to their story of being a victim and of being powerless that this has become their new comfortable place and one that they don’t want to move from.  Change does not come easily to many, especially in a world that supports the strong victim voice.

Becoming your true self isn’t an easy process.  There are many inner layers that must be looked at and explored to help us move out of the victim mindset.  What we have been taught to believe plays the biggest part of our healing journey.  A belief is a message that you kept getting over and over again as a child that gets reinforced by your parents, teachers, friends, environment, etc.  Therefore, if your messages while growing up were loving and supportive, you probably have great coping skills, and are a generally positive, happy person; but if those messages were fear based, were limiting or abusive in any way, then chances are you are struggling to really find peace and happiness in your life.  When you dig down another layer and discover how what we believe weakens or strengthens the plethora of sub-personalities that we have, you’ll begin to discover why you react and behave the way you do in certain situations in your life.

There is great value to all experiences in life, even those that we view as “bad”.  The victim sub-personality is actually part of us that we must acknowledge and learn from.  Its real purpose is to show us what we don’t want so we can then step into our true power.  When we are no longer stuck in victim energy, it’s easier to see the bigger picture of all our past and present situations and learn from them.  Being able to unburden ourselves from all those negative beliefs that were taught to us allows us to begin to tap into that true inner voice, the one that is authentic to you that holds all of your dreams, desires and the positive beliefs that you are powerful and can accomplish anything you wish.  This is life changing and this puts you into the drivers-seat of your own life.


If you’d like to begin your own inner journey with us, we are offering our level 1 class this June and we still have seats available.  We are all angels who are in the process of awakening to our true selves which is why we’ve called our school “The Awakening Angels School for Healing, Enlightenment and Ascension Mastery”.  Our 4 and 5 day classes are life altering.  We are a group of enlightened, awakened beings who are here to help those who are interested in their own, personal healing process, no matter what you’re dealing with.  We will give you tools and help you develop skills so you can uncover the trueness within your heart and soul.  We also offer Certification in Energy Healing.  For more information of who we are and what we teach, please visit our website at www.awakeningangels.ca.  We would be pleased to begin journeying with you in June.  No experience necessary….we’ll teach you everything you need to know and help you heal yourself as you learn how to heal others.  Class space is limited so please register early to ensure a spot.

Now, listen to those voices inside your head, giving you every excuse why not to do this….and see if you can hear your own, true voice telling you that the time is now here for you to wake up to who you really are.

Love and Blessings,


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The Election Hangover- A Higher Perspective

As I awoke this morning after the American election, I was confronted by news and Facebook comments from friends, family and complete strangers that displayed sadness, fear, grief and disgust at the new President Elect.   I try not to get dragged into drama, especially politics, but as I watched the election results last night with the rest of the world, sitting on the edge of my seat, I just kept saying over and over again “Let these results be for the best and highest good for all”.  Upon hearing the results this morning, I felt very calm, grounded and indeed hopeful that perhaps a shift in consciousness and awakening really is happening on this planet.  The people have voted for change instead of more of the same; except that change can be difficult, uncomfortable and fearful all at the same time.

Now, I have no intention of getting into a political debate about who was the better candidate, who said what, who did what, etc.  That will simply perpetuate more drama.  It’s been difficult over the last 2 years to watch all the mud-slinging, unkind, blaming, nasty and often childlike behaviour that has been exhibited by all the candidates and not get dragged into it.  I always try to take the 10,000 foot view and see things from the ‘whole picture’ perspective instead of taking sides.  Being a Canadian, my opinion never really mattered anyway, but honestly, Bernie was my guy.  I see in him someone who is completely in his heart and in humility, who really would unite.  He appealed to the love, compassion and unity in all of us and represented to most the kind of world we want to live in.  Donald and Hilary- well, they did just the opposite.  They woke up the fears, the darkness and all the insecurities that each of us also hold within.


Bernie and Donald both ran on similar platforms, but their delivery of it was completely different.  Donald has run for change too but not in the heart centered way that Bernie did.  I heard several news reporters over the last 24 hours refer to these election results as “The Apocalypse”.   However, that word has always been given a bad rap.  It has always signified to many the end of the world as we know it.  As an awakened being, I know it as “the shift”.  The meaning of the word “apocalypse” actually means “a cataclysm in which evil forces are destroyed”, “the lifting of the veil or revelation of a disclosure of something hidden from the majority of mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception.”  Look up the word in the dictionary and/or Wikipedia yourself and remember, we live in a world of duality where both light and dark exists.

With the election results in, most are reacting in a fear based way, believing that Donald will bring about the end; the truth is, he will undoubtedly bring about change, exposing the shadow side of government and corporations like we’ve never seen before.  Sometimes, you just need a bull to go into the proverbial china shop, tear things down, and expose the truth that has been hidden for so long so that the necessary rebuilding can then happen.  It is my deepest hope that Donald will help bring this about.  Only then will America and the world be ready to start rebuilding itself based upon the love, unity and humility that Bernie brought to the table and ignited in the masses.

To most people though, these results are a reflection of their deepest fears coming true…..change.  People don’t like change because it often means getting out of their own comfort zones to make that change happen.  I’m not here to debate what Hilary would or wouldn’t have done; but I believe she represented more of the same government that we’ve seen in the past and this clearly isn’t what America wants.  This election has played out between several candidates and has pushed every button we all have but it’s important to understand that what we’ve been watching happen outside of us is also a reflection of what’s inside of us as well.

Donald Trump has exposed his rawness, his prejudices, and all the unhealed parts of himself to the world and if any of “his stuff” has triggered you, take a good look inside at why and what it is.  All those things you don’t like about him are reflections of you that you don’t like either.   In the world of inner healing, we see this all the time.  People disown aspects of themselves that they don’t want to see, and now, with Trump coming into power, the negative reactions are because many don’t want to see their reflection in him.  They would have preferred more of the same to avoid this momentous opportunity to look inside.  Right now, people are looking for answers and how to react to this.  It’s important to allow yourself to feel everything that you’re feeling and then ask yourself “why?”  Once you become aware, then healing can start to happen.  I believe that if Hilary would have won, most of us would still be having the same doubts because they are ours and we must own them.

This world will be changing soon….it already is.  I am hopeful that it will be changing in many positive ways but in order for that to happen, we must stop sending such fear based, powerless, negative messages first to ourselves, then to others and especially now, to the new President Elect.  He’s not responsible for changing everything and making it all better…we are.  Group consciousness reacts and manifests from the group and if change is coming, perhaps we should be sending Donald Trump love, humility and unity thoughts instead of hate, separation and wounded ones.    That way, he can do his job of exposing the deep seated Shadows of corruption to the world and help us then create the world we all say we want.  We have the power within us and it has to be up to each one of us to embrace that or to give it away once more.

Love and Blessings,


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Healing and Reno’s- Both An Inside Job


We recently had some renovations done in our home and for anyone who has ever had to live through these, you’ll know how disruptive they are.  You get thrown out of your comfort zone, having to move your environment around, put up with noise, dust and additional people hanging around in your personal space.  During this most recent upheaval, we had 3 different places in our home being plastered and painted, along with some drywall work, and we were basically relegated to our bedroom for privacy, quiet and no dust (although it did manage to seep through anyway).  Our bedroom reminded me of retreating into a cocoon of safety while all the work and noise was happening outside.

Now, we’ve been through renovations before.  I grew up with them being done at my parent’s house, as well as putting on a major addition while living in an old farm house when my kids were small.  That was a definite test of patience as we tried to make a game out it and pretended that we were actually camping for a few months.  Our most recent house had to be redone after a major roof leak back in 2008 that saw us actually having to move out for 3 months while it was completed.  To be honest, I’m tired of reno’s and all the upset they cause, knowing how dirty and dusty it’s going to be.  And so, as I surrendered to this latest round of repairs that had to be complete, took a deep breath and jumped in with both feet all ready for it.

As we went through this two week process and went through each stage that reno’s entail, I began to associate having outer renovations done to that of inner, self-healing work.  Even though we were altering our house, it has often been said that your house is a direct reflection of your inner self, with the outside environment being a reflection of your internal environment.  A cluttered house reflects a cluttered energy field; a clean house reflects free flowing internal energy, etc.  Often, if a house needs work, it’s a direct reflection of the self-work that needs to be done by those purchasing it.

When we moved into our current house and had disaster strike, we really took it personally because as healers, we knew this reflected back to us issues we needed to work on.  It was also the consciousness of the house trying to tell us something.  During the ripping out phase after our leak, we realized how badly the house had been put back together again after a fire years before and so, it was actually showing us where its healing needed to happen.  And so, this beautiful, elegant house has finally been restored to its original grandness after many years of work, and you got it….lots of reno’s.  And so, whether you’re talking about renovations or healing work, the steps, although being applied to different things, are exactly the same thing.  I really saw the connection this time around and had fun compiling this list:

  1. The first step is deciding that you don’t like something and you’d like to change it.
  2. You look around for people, ideas, different techniques and estimates to change said issue.
  3. Even though you’re dreading the process, you decide that it needs to be done and you surrender to the fact that there will be a big mess for a while but in the end, it will all be worth it.
  4. The mess begins by diving into it and ripping away and gutting that which you no longer want.
  5. After this first mess is cleared away, you begin to have a better, clearer idea of how to rebuild things the way you want them.
  6. Repairs get made to the immediate area and the rebuilding starts.
  7. During this time, you usually don’t want to entertain others because you’re out of your comfort zone, with fall out dust all around you and you don’t want anyone to see you in such a state.
  8. As the layers of the area get rebuilt, you start to have glimpses of hope that this was actually a very good decision and that it will all be worth it in the end.
  9. The finishing touches require many layers that will need to be sanded and shaped to your satisfaction.
  10. Upon completion, you find that all the stuff in said area that used to be there needs to be rearranged and some even thrown out because they no longer suit these new changes you’ve made. Often, bringing in completely new ideas can expand this old area into something you never thought of before.
  11. Final dusting of the environment may take some time as things settle down and often, a second or even third dusting is needed to complete the process.
  12. You feel better as everything gets back to normal and you have a new appreciation of both your environment and how you feel inside this new space.

Our renovations are now done and I am thankful that these external changes have so greatly affected our internal environment as well.  Reno’s and healing are hard but often need to happen so we can expand, change and in the end, be in a much better place.  Our own self-healing is a continual process but I’m hopeful that we’ve reached a plateau for now and will stay here for a while.

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The Essence of A Ghost

It’s that time of year again when the weather cools down, the leaves turn beautiful colours, pumpkin spice everything is all around us and we begin to think about Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas holidays.  Halloween is probably my favourite holiday, followed closely by Christmas and on this first day of fall, I’ve already replaced the summer flowers at my front door with fall mums, pumpkins and a fall wreath.  My thoughts now turn to the fun of Halloween night, which will bring so many kids to our door, as I participate in making the house look as scarily enticing as I can with the full effects of smoke, scary music, spooky decorations and of course, getting dressed up to terrorize everyone who ventures near.  Halloween is one of those nights where it’s fun to be scared, where it’s alright to take on the persona of someone or something else and to hide behind a mask for a while.  Can you imagine though being scared and behind a mask all the time, totally disconnected from who you really are?

It’s also the time of year when all the “haunted walks”, “spooky rides”, and “ghost hunting” begins.  It’s very interesting to watch how others will flock to events and places that might just contain the energies of ghosts, spirits, poltergeist and demons in order to be “scared”.  Last year, I had the privilege of being in Salem, Mass. in the middle of October with my family, all of whom are energy workers and we attended some of the more recognized sites that most definitely do contain the energies of what most people would call ghosts.  We were curious more than anything about the energies that might be there and we had all hoped to connect with some of these lost souls to try to help them.  As an empath, energy healer, teacher and transitional dream-walker, it was anything but fun to feel what all these ghosts were actually feeling.  Most of them died after being unjustly accused of witchcraft and being subjected to torture of the most agonizing methods and so when their physical body’s died, the emotions of fear, grief, anger and revenge prevented them from crossing over and left many of them earthbound.  This would be the state known as hell where you keep reliving over and over again nightmarish scenes that never end, that keep you in the darkness of your being instead of feeling the release from 3D reality at death where most people are catapulted into the light and higher dimensional realities.


It’s all good and fun to go looking for ghosts but unfortunately, most people don’t know what to do with one when they find one.  There are many TV shows looking for proof that they even exist.  I can tell you from personal experience that they do, and you won’t only find them in a graveyard; they exist everywhere and will often try to return to the places and people that are compatible with their own energy.  Ghosts used to be people, who died with unfinished business.  They are in a lot of pain because if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be ghosts.  They would have moved on into the light of love but because they left their physical body holding onto heavy, negative energies, they have stayed earthbound, wandering aimlessly until they can find closure.  During our Transitional Dream-Walking course many years ago, it was told to us that 98% of those who pass over get stuck in these lower realms and stay earthbound.  This just stresses the importance of doing ones personal healing work because it’s must more difficult to do outside of a physical body.

When I find a ghost, I will always try to give this being what it needs from my loving heart to help it move on and find peace.  That’s just who I am and it’s an ability that I’ve been gifted with.  This ability can also be taught if you’re open enough and we’ve incorporated Transitional Dream-Walking into our healing school.  If you’d like to get more information on ghosts and the paranormal, I’d invite you to our upcoming workshop on October 16 in Cornwall, Ontario called “Piercing The Supernatural Veil- Developing Your Paranormal Intuition and Cleansing Skills.”  It’s being given by myself and my work partner Amanda whom I’ve teamed up with to open “Good Vibrations House and Property Cleansings and Blessings”.  We basically will come to your house or property if you’re having any paranormal issues and clean it up for you by connecting with any energy and entities we find and helping them walk peacefully over to the other side. During this upcoming workshop, we’ll educate you and show you how to possibly help these lost souls to move on with their existence instead of just giving you a momentary thrill of connecting with them because after all, that’s just what love would do.

With Much Love, Light and Blessings,


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The Aura- Our Connection To The Divine


The dictionary definition of an aura states it is “An invisible emanation or energy field that surrounds all living things”.  The thought process for many is that the aura acts much the same as a light bulb would, emanating BECAUSE of the physical body, but it’s actually the opposite.  The physical body is the result of the aura, which is vibration and energy stepping itself down in frequency until it becomes solid and physical.    Not only do humans have auras, but every insect, animal, blade of grass, every cell in your body, even a rock would also have one.   The aura actually surrounds the body and can therefore be regarded as an extension of the body instead of something that simply surrounds it.  Energies that flow through the aura reflect everything about us as individuals including our personalities, lifestyle, physical and spiritual well-being or lack thereof.  Some believe it houses our spirit and higher consciousness while others say it provides a template of past, present and future.  The aura is actually a combination of all these things.

The Barbara Brennan model of the aura consists of 7 layers, with each layer interpenetrating all the layers under it including the physical body.  The first 3 layers closest to the physical body all relate to the physical plane, the 4th is called the Astral Body which acts like a bridge between the physical and spirit world of the 5th to 7th layers.  The closest thing to scientific proof that we have that aura’s actually exist would be Kirlian kirlian-fingerprintsphotography of which I’ve included a picture of.  Each layer of the aura also interconnects with each of our chakra energy centres, making it impossible for you to hide your feelings, beliefs, fears, etc. from your loving universe.  The aura is pretty easy to actually see with your physical eyes if the lighting is just right.  You may have experienced this at sunset if you were taking a drive or a walk, looking at a tree in the distance.  Often, you will see a shimmering or a slight shadow surrounding that tree.  We teach many different techniques for seeing and actually feeling the aura in our school.

The 3 layers closest to the body are called the Etheric Body, The Emotional Body and the Mental Body.  These layers all have to do with your physical, emotional and mental well-being.  A good energy healer will be able to scan the aura to see, feel or sense any blockages that exist in these layers that might be causing you disharmony in your life and facilitate healing work that will help you to heal those blockages.  The 4th layer, The Astral Body is associated with our relationships, past and present,  and this is where we find negative, psychic cords that can drain our personal energy.  Psychic Tie Cutting is a very valuable tool that we use to deal with such cords.  The last 3 layers all connect us with Spirit and they are called the Etheric Template Body, The Celestial Body and the Ketheric Template or Causal Body.   Each layer or body has a different colour, although those colours can change with the different energies that we carry, and each one has a specific purpose and characteristics.  We look at and learn about the aura in great detail during our classes.

So, why is our aura so important and why should be care about it?  Because it is our 2 way communication device with the Universe, Source, God or whatever you choose to call the highest vibrational energy there is.  If we bring in the Law of Attraction that has been extensively written about, then we understand that the energy and vibration that we give out is then replicated and given back to us….like attracts like….through our aura.  In our aura is all the information you’ll ever need about who you really are and what you’re doing here in physical form.  It’s you, vibrating at the lowest, physical frequencies all the way up to the highest, spiritual ones.  It is you, existing in not just the 3rd dimension, but in 7 different dimensions all at the same time.  Through healing work, the aura as well as the chakra system can be cleared of any energetic blocks (I covered this topic in a previous article), allowing your physical body to be healthy, your emotions to be balanced and positive and your negative beliefs turned into positive and loving ones.  Now that sounds like something worth pursuing.

Love, Light and Blessings


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Do Other Dimensions Really Exist?


For those of us who practice energy healing, we know that not only are our chakras a very important aspect in healing work but so too is our aura and energetic field.  To understand this part of our energetic make up, we’re also going to have to talk about different dimensional realities, which to many people sounds like crazy talk.  However, given the surge of interest in psychics, after death communication, getting your “cards” read and also in such things as angels, ghosts, disease, where we go after death and developing  your own intuitive skills, understanding how dimensional realities and our auric systems are connected and work together will help put the whole picture together.  I will be writing subsequent articles on all of these things so stay tuned.  This is a huge subject and there have been many books written on the aura but the one we use to teach from is based upon the Barbara Brennan model.  “Hands of Light” is an essential read for any energy healer or for anyone who is interested in the subject.  In order to fully understand the aura, we must first dive into how this 3rd dimensional world operates.  Of course, I will only being able to give you an overview on this since this subject is so huge and vast.

If we first understand that everything that exists is energy and vibration, it will help us to understand different dimensional realities and how it all works.  Our world and the universe that we exist in is known as the 3rd dimension.  In this dimensional reality, energy and vibration has been stepped down from a very high vibrational state down to a frequency low enough for it to become physical and solid.  If we could measure vibration from the lowest to the highest, this spectrum of vibrations would define our 3rd dimension simply because we can measure it.  But there are other dimensional realities that exist as well, all vibrating at higher frequencies and vibrations than we are, and therefore, it makes it difficult to detect them with our five, 3rd dimensional senses.  There are many instruments that will measure EMF for example, but they are still measuring energy that is coming from higher frequencies, manifesting into our lower, physical ones.

It has been said that a dimension is simply another state of consciousness and these other dimensional realities are vibrating much higher than we are able to detect with our five 3D senses.  Part of developing our own intuition, clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient skills is to begin to tune into these other dimensional states of reality and I know that many of you already have (you just might not know it yet).  Often, these occurrences can’t be explained with the rational mind and that’s why we don’t often tell others of our experiences because they’ll think we’re crazy.   However, there are many things that exist in our world such as radio and TV waves that also can’t be picked up with our 5 senses either but still exist.

We often will use the example of water.  At a very high vibration, water becomes steam.  Its molecules are very far apart, and it may or may not be seen with the physical eyes…humidity outside works the same way.  On a hot summer day, you may step outside into humid air that you can’t see but certainly can feel.  When enough humidity or steam collects together, the molecules become denser and it will turn into rain, which you now can see, feel, hear, taste and smell. Then, as it cools down even more, it may turn into snow or ice, becoming more and more solid with each change in structure.  Think of yourself like that, with your aura being the stepping down of energy from higher, Spiritual vibrations down into the physical body you now have.  When your physical body dies, your solid, earthly molecules fall away, leaving you free to become lighter and less dense, reclaiming once again that original state of vibration of energy that you once were.  But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Many believe that other dimensional states exist somewhere else but that simply isn’t true; many of them are here with us right now and we are all connected to at least 7 of them through….you guessed it…..your aura.  All of us visit the 4th dimension every night when we go to sleep and dream.  We are not physically there in our dreams, but our consciousness travels at night and leaves our physical body, taking us to all kinds of places while we stay safely in bed.  Have you ever had a really good nights’ sleep only to wake up in the morning feeling like only an hour has passed?  Or if you’ve ever had surgery and been put under anaesthesia, it feels to your conscious mind that only a moment has passed.  That’s because your conscious mind wasn’t present in 3D but instead was exploring other dimensional realities while you slept.

If I can leave you today with the thought that we are all energetic beings that have come from the higher vibrational dimensions down into dense, physical matter, it will begin to open the mind up to the possibilities that your aura does indeed exist, with 7 dimensions attached to you at all times.  Next time, we’ll continue this train of thought as I introduce you to your aura.

Love, Light and Blessings,


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