Developing Your “Psychic” Abilities With Energy Healing

With the nature of my work, I am quite often asked if I am psychic. I will often answer “yes” to that question but will always add that everyone else is also “psychic” and that we all have these natural gifts and abilities.  It’s just a matter of tapping into what your “psychic” abilities are […]

Energy Blocks and The Gifts They Bring

The Law of Attraction is a term coined by Esther Hicks that basically states “like attracts like”; in other words, what you put out you get back.  This simple yet very complex concept can help us to understand why our lives are sometimes going great with things running smoothly and then all of a sudden, […]

What Is Energy Healing?

When I was first introduced to the world of energy healing, it was never my intent to become a healer.  I was led by many circumstances to an energy school in Ottawa called Inner Focus, and even though I knew nothing about the world I was about to enter into, there was just something that […]