Your Chakras And Why They Matter

Whether you believe it or not, you are not just a physical being- you are so much more.  It’s easy to believe we’re physical because our sense of sight allows us to see ourselves but even though we can’t see emotions or beliefs, they are still experienced by us through both our emotional and mental aspects.  You are also experiencing your energetic Self everyday but you just may not be as tuned into this aspect of yourself or even realize it’s there.  We can often walk into a room and “feel” positive or negative energies or use our intuition to guide us and if you’ve ever experienced either of these, then you have had an experience of your energetic system.  The 2 main components that make up our energy system is our aura and chakras and this is the domain of the energy healer and from where energy healing takes place.  The meridians and nadis also make up the energetic body and these are used in acupuncture and in yoga as well as other modalities.

There are 7 main on-the-body chakras that run from the top of the head to the perineum.  We also have many off body chakras, the Earth Star being located about 6 to 12 inches under our feet to help us ground, and the Soul Star, which is located about 6 to 12 inches above our head, which is said to house the energies of your soul.  There are many variations and interpretations for each chakra and in how many on and off body ones there actually are, but we generally teach and deal with the energies of the first 12.  Being able to master and embody the energies from these in this lifetime is a lot of work but it is possible to do and will ensure you have reached your highest potential while still in a physical body.  This is all part of the ascension process and the huge shift which is happening on this planet which we’ll talk about later on.

Each of our chakras is connected also to the auric system which is our two way communication system with the universe.  Chakras work like transformers in order to step down energy and information up and out if we are transmitting out to the universe or to step it down if we are receiving information.  Chakras are located on the front and back of the body.  There are smaller chakras as well, all branching off the main ones that are located in the hands, feet, arms, legs that I’ve already mentioned are used in acupuncture and other healing work.

Each chakra vibrates at a particular frequency, with the ones that are lower in our body vibrating lower than the higher ones.  For example, our 1st chakra, which is located underneath our pelvic bone in the perineum vibrates at 4Hz while our crown chakra which is located at the top of our head vibrates at 96Hz.  Each chakra appears clairvoyantly as a different colour and each one holds different energies, positive and negative characteristics and wounds.  Over the next several articles, I will be describing each one for you.  It is important to note here that specific diseases and illnesses are associated with different chakras.

The word chakra means a spinning wheel and they are often seen clairvoyantly as whirling vortexes of light and shadow.  Clear chakras mean the body is vital and healthy but clogged chakras mean that the physical, emotional or mental bodies are slow, dull and often out of balance due to energetic blockages (we talked about these in a previous article).  Most of our “stuff” or baggage as we’ll call it is being held in the lower 3 chakras since these are directly associated with the physical, earthly world.  The heart is the bridge between physical and spiritual and the upper 3 chakras are directly linked to the spiritual realms.

When we begin to understand the characteristics of each chakra, it gets easier to see where we hold all our wounds, which ones we need to pay specific attention to and which one we’re operating from at any given moment.  Energy healing is truly a fascinating healing modality that once explored will give you a brand new way of seeing yourself and in dealing with just about any physical, emotional and mental imbalance or issue that arises as long as you’re willing to do the work that can be required to release and clear each chakra.  We tend to think of this process like climbing a ladder.  You want a strong foundation so that when you are able to climb to the top, the whole thing won’t come tumbling down on you.   Next week, I’ll be describing all the wonderful characteristics and energies of our 1st chakra and why it’s so important to be grounded.

Until next time,

Love, Light and Blessings,


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