Do Other Dimensions Really Exist?


For those of us who practice energy healing, we know that not only are our chakras a very important aspect in healing work but so too is our aura and energetic field.  To understand this part of our energetic make up, we’re also going to have to talk about different dimensional realities, which to many people sounds like crazy talk.  However, given the surge of interest in psychics, after death communication, getting your “cards” read and also in such things as angels, ghosts, disease, where we go after death and developing  your own intuitive skills, understanding how dimensional realities and our auric systems are connected and work together will help put the whole picture together.  I will be writing subsequent articles on all of these things so stay tuned.  This is a huge subject and there have been many books written on the aura but the one we use to teach from is based upon the Barbara Brennan model.  “Hands of Light” is an essential read for any energy healer or for anyone who is interested in the subject.  In order to fully understand the aura, we must first dive into how this 3rd dimensional world operates.  Of course, I will only being able to give you an overview on this since this subject is so huge and vast.

If we first understand that everything that exists is energy and vibration, it will help us to understand different dimensional realities and how it all works.  Our world and the universe that we exist in is known as the 3rd dimension.  In this dimensional reality, energy and vibration has been stepped down from a very high vibrational state down to a frequency low enough for it to become physical and solid.  If we could measure vibration from the lowest to the highest, this spectrum of vibrations would define our 3rd dimension simply because we can measure it.  But there are other dimensional realities that exist as well, all vibrating at higher frequencies and vibrations than we are, and therefore, it makes it difficult to detect them with our five, 3rd dimensional senses.  There are many instruments that will measure EMF for example, but they are still measuring energy that is coming from higher frequencies, manifesting into our lower, physical ones.

It has been said that a dimension is simply another state of consciousness and these other dimensional realities are vibrating much higher than we are able to detect with our five 3D senses.  Part of developing our own intuition, clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient skills is to begin to tune into these other dimensional states of reality and I know that many of you already have (you just might not know it yet).  Often, these occurrences can’t be explained with the rational mind and that’s why we don’t often tell others of our experiences because they’ll think we’re crazy.   However, there are many things that exist in our world such as radio and TV waves that also can’t be picked up with our 5 senses either but still exist.

We often will use the example of water.  At a very high vibration, water becomes steam.  Its molecules are very far apart, and it may or may not be seen with the physical eyes…humidity outside works the same way.  On a hot summer day, you may step outside into humid air that you can’t see but certainly can feel.  When enough humidity or steam collects together, the molecules become denser and it will turn into rain, which you now can see, feel, hear, taste and smell. Then, as it cools down even more, it may turn into snow or ice, becoming more and more solid with each change in structure.  Think of yourself like that, with your aura being the stepping down of energy from higher, Spiritual vibrations down into the physical body you now have.  When your physical body dies, your solid, earthly molecules fall away, leaving you free to become lighter and less dense, reclaiming once again that original state of vibration of energy that you once were.  But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Many believe that other dimensional states exist somewhere else but that simply isn’t true; many of them are here with us right now and we are all connected to at least 7 of them through….you guessed it…..your aura.  All of us visit the 4th dimension every night when we go to sleep and dream.  We are not physically there in our dreams, but our consciousness travels at night and leaves our physical body, taking us to all kinds of places while we stay safely in bed.  Have you ever had a really good nights’ sleep only to wake up in the morning feeling like only an hour has passed?  Or if you’ve ever had surgery and been put under anaesthesia, it feels to your conscious mind that only a moment has passed.  That’s because your conscious mind wasn’t present in 3D but instead was exploring other dimensional realities while you slept.

If I can leave you today with the thought that we are all energetic beings that have come from the higher vibrational dimensions down into dense, physical matter, it will begin to open the mind up to the possibilities that your aura does indeed exist, with 7 dimensions attached to you at all times.  Next time, we’ll continue this train of thought as I introduce you to your aura.

Love, Light and Blessings,


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