The Aura- Our Connection To The Divine


The dictionary definition of an aura states it is “An invisible emanation or energy field that surrounds all living things”.  The thought process for many is that the aura acts much the same as a light bulb would, emanating BECAUSE of the physical body, but it’s actually the opposite.  The physical body is the result of the aura, which is vibration and energy stepping itself down in frequency until it becomes solid and physical.    Not only do humans have auras, but every insect, animal, blade of grass, every cell in your body, even a rock would also have one.   The aura actually surrounds the body and can therefore be regarded as an extension of the body instead of something that simply surrounds it.  Energies that flow through the aura reflect everything about us as individuals including our personalities, lifestyle, physical and spiritual well-being or lack thereof.  Some believe it houses our spirit and higher consciousness while others say it provides a template of past, present and future.  The aura is actually a combination of all these things.

The Barbara Brennan model of the aura consists of 7 layers, with each layer interpenetrating all the layers under it including the physical body.  The first 3 layers closest to the physical body all relate to the physical plane, the 4th is called the Astral Body which acts like a bridge between the physical and spirit world of the 5th to 7th layers.  The closest thing to scientific proof that we have that aura’s actually exist would be Kirlian kirlian-fingerprintsphotography of which I’ve included a picture of.  Each layer of the aura also interconnects with each of our chakra energy centres, making it impossible for you to hide your feelings, beliefs, fears, etc. from your loving universe.  The aura is pretty easy to actually see with your physical eyes if the lighting is just right.  You may have experienced this at sunset if you were taking a drive or a walk, looking at a tree in the distance.  Often, you will see a shimmering or a slight shadow surrounding that tree.  We teach many different techniques for seeing and actually feeling the aura in our school.

The 3 layers closest to the body are called the Etheric Body, The Emotional Body and the Mental Body.  These layers all have to do with your physical, emotional and mental well-being.  A good energy healer will be able to scan the aura to see, feel or sense any blockages that exist in these layers that might be causing you disharmony in your life and facilitate healing work that will help you to heal those blockages.  The 4th layer, The Astral Body is associated with our relationships, past and present,  and this is where we find negative, psychic cords that can drain our personal energy.  Psychic Tie Cutting is a very valuable tool that we use to deal with such cords.  The last 3 layers all connect us with Spirit and they are called the Etheric Template Body, The Celestial Body and the Ketheric Template or Causal Body.   Each layer or body has a different colour, although those colours can change with the different energies that we carry, and each one has a specific purpose and characteristics.  We look at and learn about the aura in great detail during our classes.

So, why is our aura so important and why should be care about it?  Because it is our 2 way communication device with the Universe, Source, God or whatever you choose to call the highest vibrational energy there is.  If we bring in the Law of Attraction that has been extensively written about, then we understand that the energy and vibration that we give out is then replicated and given back to us….like attracts like….through our aura.  In our aura is all the information you’ll ever need about who you really are and what you’re doing here in physical form.  It’s you, vibrating at the lowest, physical frequencies all the way up to the highest, spiritual ones.  It is you, existing in not just the 3rd dimension, but in 7 different dimensions all at the same time.  Through healing work, the aura as well as the chakra system can be cleared of any energetic blocks (I covered this topic in a previous article), allowing your physical body to be healthy, your emotions to be balanced and positive and your negative beliefs turned into positive and loving ones.  Now that sounds like something worth pursuing.

Love, Light and Blessings


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