The Essence of A Ghost

It’s that time of year again when the weather cools down, the leaves turn beautiful colours, pumpkin spice everything is all around us and we begin to think about Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas holidays.  Halloween is probably my favourite holiday, followed closely by Christmas and on this first day of fall, I’ve already replaced the summer flowers at my front door with fall mums, pumpkins and a fall wreath.  My thoughts now turn to the fun of Halloween night, which will bring so many kids to our door, as I participate in making the house look as scarily enticing as I can with the full effects of smoke, scary music, spooky decorations and of course, getting dressed up to terrorize everyone who ventures near.  Halloween is one of those nights where it’s fun to be scared, where it’s alright to take on the persona of someone or something else and to hide behind a mask for a while.  Can you imagine though being scared and behind a mask all the time, totally disconnected from who you really are?

It’s also the time of year when all the “haunted walks”, “spooky rides”, and “ghost hunting” begins.  It’s very interesting to watch how others will flock to events and places that might just contain the energies of ghosts, spirits, poltergeist and demons in order to be “scared”.  Last year, I had the privilege of being in Salem, Mass. in the middle of October with my family, all of whom are energy workers and we attended some of the more recognized sites that most definitely do contain the energies of what most people would call ghosts.  We were curious more than anything about the energies that might be there and we had all hoped to connect with some of these lost souls to try to help them.  As an empath, energy healer, teacher and transitional dream-walker, it was anything but fun to feel what all these ghosts were actually feeling.  Most of them died after being unjustly accused of witchcraft and being subjected to torture of the most agonizing methods and so when their physical body’s died, the emotions of fear, grief, anger and revenge prevented them from crossing over and left many of them earthbound.  This would be the state known as hell where you keep reliving over and over again nightmarish scenes that never end, that keep you in the darkness of your being instead of feeling the release from 3D reality at death where most people are catapulted into the light and higher dimensional realities.


It’s all good and fun to go looking for ghosts but unfortunately, most people don’t know what to do with one when they find one.  There are many TV shows looking for proof that they even exist.  I can tell you from personal experience that they do, and you won’t only find them in a graveyard; they exist everywhere and will often try to return to the places and people that are compatible with their own energy.  Ghosts used to be people, who died with unfinished business.  They are in a lot of pain because if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be ghosts.  They would have moved on into the light of love but because they left their physical body holding onto heavy, negative energies, they have stayed earthbound, wandering aimlessly until they can find closure.  During our Transitional Dream-Walking course many years ago, it was told to us that 98% of those who pass over get stuck in these lower realms and stay earthbound.  This just stresses the importance of doing ones personal healing work because it’s must more difficult to do outside of a physical body.

When I find a ghost, I will always try to give this being what it needs from my loving heart to help it move on and find peace.  That’s just who I am and it’s an ability that I’ve been gifted with.  This ability can also be taught if you’re open enough and we’ve incorporated Transitional Dream-Walking into our healing school.  If you’d like to get more information on ghosts and the paranormal, I’d invite you to our upcoming workshop on October 16 in Cornwall, Ontario called “Piercing The Supernatural Veil- Developing Your Paranormal Intuition and Cleansing Skills.”  It’s being given by myself and my work partner Amanda whom I’ve teamed up with to open “Good Vibrations House and Property Cleansings and Blessings”.  We basically will come to your house or property if you’re having any paranormal issues and clean it up for you by connecting with any energy and entities we find and helping them walk peacefully over to the other side. During this upcoming workshop, we’ll educate you and show you how to possibly help these lost souls to move on with their existence instead of just giving you a momentary thrill of connecting with them because after all, that’s just what love would do.

With Much Love, Light and Blessings,


For further information on this workshop, on our healing school and to find out who we are and what we teach, please visit our website at


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