Healing and Reno’s- Both An Inside Job


We recently had some renovations done in our home and for anyone who has ever had to live through these, you’ll know how disruptive they are.  You get thrown out of your comfort zone, having to move your environment around, put up with noise, dust and additional people hanging around in your personal space.  During this most recent upheaval, we had 3 different places in our home being plastered and painted, along with some drywall work, and we were basically relegated to our bedroom for privacy, quiet and no dust (although it did manage to seep through anyway).  Our bedroom reminded me of retreating into a cocoon of safety while all the work and noise was happening outside.

Now, we’ve been through renovations before.  I grew up with them being done at my parent’s house, as well as putting on a major addition while living in an old farm house when my kids were small.  That was a definite test of patience as we tried to make a game out it and pretended that we were actually camping for a few months.  Our most recent house had to be redone after a major roof leak back in 2008 that saw us actually having to move out for 3 months while it was completed.  To be honest, I’m tired of reno’s and all the upset they cause, knowing how dirty and dusty it’s going to be.  And so, as I surrendered to this latest round of repairs that had to be complete, took a deep breath and jumped in with both feet all ready for it.

As we went through this two week process and went through each stage that reno’s entail, I began to associate having outer renovations done to that of inner, self-healing work.  Even though we were altering our house, it has often been said that your house is a direct reflection of your inner self, with the outside environment being a reflection of your internal environment.  A cluttered house reflects a cluttered energy field; a clean house reflects free flowing internal energy, etc.  Often, if a house needs work, it’s a direct reflection of the self-work that needs to be done by those purchasing it.

When we moved into our current house and had disaster strike, we really took it personally because as healers, we knew this reflected back to us issues we needed to work on.  It was also the consciousness of the house trying to tell us something.  During the ripping out phase after our leak, we realized how badly the house had been put back together again after a fire years before and so, it was actually showing us where its healing needed to happen.  And so, this beautiful, elegant house has finally been restored to its original grandness after many years of work, and you got it….lots of reno’s.  And so, whether you’re talking about renovations or healing work, the steps, although being applied to different things, are exactly the same thing.  I really saw the connection this time around and had fun compiling this list:

  1. The first step is deciding that you don’t like something and you’d like to change it.
  2. You look around for people, ideas, different techniques and estimates to change said issue.
  3. Even though you’re dreading the process, you decide that it needs to be done and you surrender to the fact that there will be a big mess for a while but in the end, it will all be worth it.
  4. The mess begins by diving into it and ripping away and gutting that which you no longer want.
  5. After this first mess is cleared away, you begin to have a better, clearer idea of how to rebuild things the way you want them.
  6. Repairs get made to the immediate area and the rebuilding starts.
  7. During this time, you usually don’t want to entertain others because you’re out of your comfort zone, with fall out dust all around you and you don’t want anyone to see you in such a state.
  8. As the layers of the area get rebuilt, you start to have glimpses of hope that this was actually a very good decision and that it will all be worth it in the end.
  9. The finishing touches require many layers that will need to be sanded and shaped to your satisfaction.
  10. Upon completion, you find that all the stuff in said area that used to be there needs to be rearranged and some even thrown out because they no longer suit these new changes you’ve made. Often, bringing in completely new ideas can expand this old area into something you never thought of before.
  11. Final dusting of the environment may take some time as things settle down and often, a second or even third dusting is needed to complete the process.
  12. You feel better as everything gets back to normal and you have a new appreciation of both your environment and how you feel inside this new space.

Our renovations are now done and I am thankful that these external changes have so greatly affected our internal environment as well.  Reno’s and healing are hard but often need to happen so we can expand, change and in the end, be in a much better place.  Our own self-healing is a continual process but I’m hopeful that we’ve reached a plateau for now and will stay here for a while.

To find out more about what we do, who we are, what we teach and any upcoming workshops and classes, please visit our website at www.awakeningangels.ca


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