Hearing Your Own True Voice

Have you ever said something to someone (probably your kids) and then realized that you heard someone else’s voice in your head as you were saying it?  Perhaps you were repeating something that your mother or father used to say to you?  Often, it is difficult to discern our own inner true voice over all the internal and external chatter that we all have.

We, from birth, have been influenced by many outside messages that tell us what we should be doing, who we should be, how to conform to what others expect from us and how to “get” material things that will help us keep up with the status quo that will ensure that we have a happy, normal life.  But what is normal to some is very abnormal to others, and what makes you happy can be very different from what makes me happy.  So, how do we disengage ourselves from the outside world and from all that inner programming to hear that inner voice that wants us to have joy, happiness and personal empowerment?  We must stop, take stock of our lives, see how we got to where we are and decide if it’s really where we want to be.  Thus begins the journey inward, into your heart space, where your one, true voice resides.

Disengaging from the outside world can be very difficult.  People love drama; they love gossip; they love blaming some outside force (government, religion, the system, etc.) for all the bad things that happen to them and they love to be distracted from what’s really going on inside.  This promotes the victim sub-personality that tells us that we don’t have to take any responsibility for anything including our own well-being, our own feelings and our own reactions to situations and to others that trigger us.  It’s so much easier to blame someone else for all those things in our life that go wrong rather than going inside, doing some exploring and finding out what parts of ourselves have been creating for us.  The victim doesn’t want us to go inside to discover that we are indeed worthy, powerful creators of our own world.  Most people are so attached to their story of being a victim and of being powerless that this has become their new comfortable place and one that they don’t want to move from.  Change does not come easily to many, especially in a world that supports the strong victim voice.

Becoming your true self isn’t an easy process.  There are many inner layers that must be looked at and explored to help us move out of the victim mindset.  What we have been taught to believe plays the biggest part of our healing journey.  A belief is a message that you kept getting over and over again as a child that gets reinforced by your parents, teachers, friends, environment, etc.  Therefore, if your messages while growing up were loving and supportive, you probably have great coping skills, and are a generally positive, happy person; but if those messages were fear based, were limiting or abusive in any way, then chances are you are struggling to really find peace and happiness in your life.  When you dig down another layer and discover how what we believe weakens or strengthens the plethora of sub-personalities that we have, you’ll begin to discover why you react and behave the way you do in certain situations in your life.

There is great value to all experiences in life, even those that we view as “bad”.  The victim sub-personality is actually part of us that we must acknowledge and learn from.  Its real purpose is to show us what we don’t want so we can then step into our true power.  When we are no longer stuck in victim energy, it’s easier to see the bigger picture of all our past and present situations and learn from them.  Being able to unburden ourselves from all those negative beliefs that were taught to us allows us to begin to tap into that true inner voice, the one that is authentic to you that holds all of your dreams, desires and the positive beliefs that you are powerful and can accomplish anything you wish.  This is life changing and this puts you into the drivers-seat of your own life.


If you’d like to begin your own inner journey with us, we are offering our level 1 class this June and we still have seats available.  We are all angels who are in the process of awakening to our true selves which is why we’ve called our school “The Awakening Angels School for Healing, Enlightenment and Ascension Mastery”.  Our 4 and 5 day classes are life altering.  We are a group of enlightened, awakened beings who are here to help those who are interested in their own, personal healing process, no matter what you’re dealing with.  We will give you tools and help you develop skills so you can uncover the trueness within your heart and soul.  We also offer Certification in Energy Healing.  For more information of who we are and what we teach, please visit our website at www.awakeningangels.ca.  We would be pleased to begin journeying with you in June.  No experience necessary….we’ll teach you everything you need to know and help you heal yourself as you learn how to heal others.  Class space is limited so please register early to ensure a spot.

Now, listen to those voices inside your head, giving you every excuse why not to do this….and see if you can hear your own, true voice telling you that the time is now here for you to wake up to who you really are.

Love and Blessings,


To find out more about what we do, who we are, what we teach and any upcoming workshops and classes, please visit our website at http://www.awakeningangels.ca.


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