The Gratitude Attitude


We’ve heard so much in recent times about the importance of being in gratitude.  This is the emotion of appreciating what one has as opposed to focusing on what one doesn’t have. Unfortunately, in these times of materialistic things, of watching world events and getting caught up in the dramas we see on our TV’s and read in our newspapers, it can be very difficult to have the attitude of gratitude about anything.  The mainstream media tend to focus on telling us what’s wrong in the world and those stories greatly outweigh the feel good stories that are always surrounding us.  Getting into and staying in an attitude of gratitude has to be a conscious choice and a deliberate creation in your life.  Have you ever noticed that 100 people can give you great feedback about something but that if only one person has a negative comment we tend to focus and put our attention and energy into that one?  That’s the power of negative thought when it goes in and gets held in place by any unworthiness and victim energies we might be carrying.

Gratitude is a quality of the heart where the energies and emotions of compassion, forgiveness, the need to give, harmony, self-love, acceptance, joy, peace, beauty and authenticity is found.  We are able to deliberately cultivate gratitude by intentionally focusing on all the great and wonderful things in our life instead of continuing to feed into the negativity around us.  This can increase our well-being and from a “law of attraction” and energetic point of view, the more we focus on positivity and gratitude, the more of that we draw to ourselves.  It works the same with negativity as those who can only focus on the bad things in their lives and in the world will continue to draw more of that to themselves.

Here are a few techniques you can try if you are having a hard time feeling gratitude:

  • The first one would be to take a nice, deep breath and fill your lungs with air. Feel your heart beating and give thanks for simply being alive.
  • Focus on what you do want instead of what you don’t want. By concentrating on the positive aspect instead of the negative one, we will raise our vibration and attract more of what we do want.  For example, if you’re sick, then concentrate on being healthy instead of not wanting to be sick anymore.  The words and thoughts we have are very powerful in our creation process.
  • Keep a journal about things that you are grateful for. Write down five or more great things that happen to you every day.  They can be as simple as a great meal, connecting with an old friend or getting through a difficult challenge.  Focus on the small things first and in time, you’ll find more and more things appearing in your life to write about.
  • Visit with someone who you appreciate and tell them how much you appreciate them. There’s nothing better than making someone else feel great about themselves and spreading positivity around to those who need some.  Feeling good about yourself is something to be grateful for.
  • Say “thank you” more throughout the day. There are so many small things that people do for us that get overlooked.  It might be something simple like someone holding the door for you, someone encouraging you or someone who listens to you.
  • Go for a walk in nature. Stop and smell the flowers.  Go barefoot in the grass.  Let the sun shine on your face.  Listen to the birds.  Feed the birds.  Focus on everything that your 5 senses are experiencing and find a few new things that you might have not noticed before.
  • Do something to make yourself feel good. Read a good book.  Get your hair done.  Bake some cookies and enjoy the smell.  Go get a massage.  Go to your favourite coffee place.  When you find yourself in a state of feeling good, give gratitude for that and appreciate the moment.

Consciously cultivating things to be grateful for is the first step towards embodying gratitude all the time.  The more you do it, the easier it will become and if you find yourself slipping back into negativity, make a conscious effort to rise above it and see the silver lining.  This can take a lot of practice and sometimes can require some inner healing work but it is very possible.  The more negativity we can drop from our lives, the more positivity will appear. Having that magic emotion of hope is the key to changing any situation into a positive one.

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