The Greatest Gift


Many different cultures celebrate during this time of year and each festival recognizes its own traditions but along with most of those comes busyness and preparation. In my house and with my family, we celebrate Christmas.  When recently speaking to my youngest daughter about gifts, baking, decorating, cooking dinner for everyone, etc. she expressed what many feel:  “I wish I could just wake up on January 1 and it would all be over”. I know that many people feel this way as we try to juggle the many cultural and social expectations we have accumulated over the years to make this one day so special.  So many will go into debt, many will be alone, many have bad memories of this time of year and all of these things can steal the intended joy that we’d like to feel.  If I were to ask you what the greatest gift was that you could receive this season, what would that be?  Would it be material stuff or would it be something much deeper?

Unfortunately, asking that question to many would get the response of “stuff”.  Material things make our personalities happy but happiness is a very surface emotion.  Yes, we need some “stuff” in order to survive and be comfortable but what about the deeper emotion of joy?  How elusive has that been for you over the years?  Joy is a quality of our heart, where we find the emotions of love, compassion, acceptance, joy, peace and forgiveness.  I believe that most of us vacillate between both of these worlds and Christmas is the perfect example of this.  We want to have the “stuff” but we also want to have the close, intimate, loving connections with family, friends and other human beings.

Back to the greatest gift….if I could give you the greatest gift ever, from me, it wouldn’t be anything material.  It would be for you to see the real you; not the you that you see in the mirror and criticize every day by thinking you are somehow less than others…no, the real you…the one with so much potential, with so much light, beauty, uniqueness and joy to give.  I would give you safety, family, enough to eat and the knowing that you belong in this world.  I would give you freedom based creativity so you could paint, sing, write and live your world your way.  I would give you courage to walk straight into any fears you have so you could take back your power over them. I would give you the true feelings of love that are written in your heart instead of the struggles, sadness, fears and doubts that you have about you.  I would give you the experience of real, lasting joy instead of those parts of you cast in shadow that come in and take over so you stop looking.  I would give you intuition so that it would guide you in every instance of your earthly experience.  And lastly, I’d give you the gift of clarity so you could see this world for what it is, knowing that none of this is permanent and that we’re all going to end up back together again in our true home.

To me, these would be the greatest gifts to give but unfortunately, it’s not up to me; it’s up to you.  Only you can give all of these gifts to yourself.  As a healer, all I can do is to hold the highest vision for you, to love you, to remind you of all these things, to trust in your process and in your path and know that it’s all perfect for you. This Christmas, the most important things will be the family I’m with, the laughter, love, the memories and the unconditional giving.  Although there will be a few material gifts, I can’t imagine anything more beautiful than remembering who I really am and sharing the gifts of the heart with all of humanity that connects us all and makes us all family.  From my house to yours, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanza, Winter Solstice, Yule and anything else you celebrate.  As we put this year to sleep, let’s begin the new one with intentions of the heart and waking up to who we really are.

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