The Greatest Gift

Many different cultures celebrate during this time of year and each festival recognizes its own traditions but along with most of those comes busyness and preparation. In my house and with my family, we celebrate Christmas.  When recently speaking to my youngest daughter about gifts, baking, decorating, cooking dinner for everyone, etc. she expressed what […]

The Gratitude Attitude

We’ve heard so much in recent times about the importance of being in gratitude.  This is the emotion of appreciating what one has as opposed to focusing on what one doesn’t have. Unfortunately, in these times of materialistic things, of watching world events and getting caught up in the dramas we see on our TV’s […]

Hearing Your Own True Voice

Have you ever said something to someone (probably your kids) and then realized that you heard someone else’s voice in your head as you were saying it?  Perhaps you were repeating something that your mother or father used to say to you?  Often, it is difficult to discern our own inner true voice over all […]

The Election Hangover- A Higher Perspective

As I awoke this morning after the American election, I was confronted by news and Facebook comments from friends, family and complete strangers that displayed sadness, fear, grief and disgust at the new President Elect.   I try not to get dragged into drama, especially politics, but as I watched the election results last night with […]