Do Other Dimensions Really Exist?


For those of us who practice energy healing, we know that not only are our chakras a very important aspect in healing work but so too is our aura and energetic field.  To understand this part of our energetic make up, we’re also going to have to talk about different dimensional realities, which to many people sounds like crazy talk.  However, given the surge of interest in psychics, after death communication, getting your “cards” read and also in such things as angels, ghosts, disease, where we go after death and developing  your own intuitive skills, understanding how dimensional realities and our auric systems are connected and work together will help put the whole picture together.  I will be writing subsequent articles on all of these things so stay tuned.  This is a huge subject and there have been many books written on the aura but the one we use to teach from is based upon the Barbara Brennan model.  “Hands of Light” is an essential read for any energy healer or for anyone who is interested in the subject.  In order to fully understand the aura, we must first dive into how this 3rd dimensional world operates.  Of course, I will only being able to give you an overview on this since this subject is so huge and vast.

If we first understand that everything that exists is energy and vibration, it will help us to understand different dimensional realities and how it all works.  Our world and the universe that we exist in is known as the 3rd dimension.  In this dimensional reality, energy and vibration has been stepped down from a very high vibrational state down to a frequency low enough for it to become physical and solid.  If we could measure vibration from the lowest to the highest, this spectrum of vibrations would define our 3rd dimension simply because we can measure it.  But there are other dimensional realities that exist as well, all vibrating at higher frequencies and vibrations than we are, and therefore, it makes it difficult to detect them with our five, 3rd dimensional senses.  There are many instruments that will measure EMF for example, but they are still measuring energy that is coming from higher frequencies, manifesting into our lower, physical ones.

It has been said that a dimension is simply another state of consciousness and these other dimensional realities are vibrating much higher than we are able to detect with our five 3D senses.  Part of developing our own intuition, clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient skills is to begin to tune into these other dimensional states of reality and I know that many of you already have (you just might not know it yet).  Often, these occurrences can’t be explained with the rational mind and that’s why we don’t often tell others of our experiences because they’ll think we’re crazy.   However, there are many things that exist in our world such as radio and TV waves that also can’t be picked up with our 5 senses either but still exist.

We often will use the example of water.  At a very high vibration, water becomes steam.  Its molecules are very far apart, and it may or may not be seen with the physical eyes…humidity outside works the same way.  On a hot summer day, you may step outside into humid air that you can’t see but certainly can feel.  When enough humidity or steam collects together, the molecules become denser and it will turn into rain, which you now can see, feel, hear, taste and smell. Then, as it cools down even more, it may turn into snow or ice, becoming more and more solid with each change in structure.  Think of yourself like that, with your aura being the stepping down of energy from higher, Spiritual vibrations down into the physical body you now have.  When your physical body dies, your solid, earthly molecules fall away, leaving you free to become lighter and less dense, reclaiming once again that original state of vibration of energy that you once were.  But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Many believe that other dimensional states exist somewhere else but that simply isn’t true; many of them are here with us right now and we are all connected to at least 7 of them through….you guessed it…..your aura.  All of us visit the 4th dimension every night when we go to sleep and dream.  We are not physically there in our dreams, but our consciousness travels at night and leaves our physical body, taking us to all kinds of places while we stay safely in bed.  Have you ever had a really good nights’ sleep only to wake up in the morning feeling like only an hour has passed?  Or if you’ve ever had surgery and been put under anaesthesia, it feels to your conscious mind that only a moment has passed.  That’s because your conscious mind wasn’t present in 3D but instead was exploring other dimensional realities while you slept.

If I can leave you today with the thought that we are all energetic beings that have come from the higher vibrational dimensions down into dense, physical matter, it will begin to open the mind up to the possibilities that your aura does indeed exist, with 7 dimensions attached to you at all times.  Next time, we’ll continue this train of thought as I introduce you to your aura.

Love, Light and Blessings,


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Happiness vs Joy and Bliss

If I were to ask you all to write down 10 things right now that bring you joy, how many of you would be able to do it?  Give it a try….I’ll wait.  If you were able to get that list together, I’d like you to take a look at everything you wrote down and ask yourself if any of these items were taken away, would your joy also go with it? If so, then you weren’t tapping into true joy but instead were listing things that make you happy.  So, what’s the difference?

When we talk about happiness, bliss and joy, most people would consider these that same thing but they’re not.  Happiness is a quality of the personality while joy and bliss are qualities of the heart which also connects us to Spirit.  Most of us strive to simply find happiness in our lives.  We all desire more money, time, a better job, a hobby we love, maybe a trip or two, a nice car, etc.  Everyone has their own definition of happiness.  However, most of these “things” are external and will fulfill the desires of the personality for a while, but if we don’t manage to create these things or if we do and then they’re suddenly taken away, our happiness would go away as well, only to be replaced with feelings of disappointment, fear, anger, grief, unworthiness, etc.


Joy on the other hand is different since it will not come from any external thing but instead is an internal knowing, an embracing of what is instead of what we think should be and it is an energy and vibration that many believe to be unattainable.  This of course depends on how you view the world, what your beliefs are, what wounds you are carrying that might prevent you from jumping into your heart space to see joy in all things.  Joy is that feeling of excitement that you get when you hear something that resonates as a truth for you; it’s a knowing that there is a gift in every event, good and bad; it is having a positive attitude towards your life because you know that you are here for a purpose; it is the bubbling of ideas that come from your soul and the knowledge that you are capable of anything you dream about.  Joy is any experience, thought, action or belief that supports love of yourself and love of all others.  Once you experience true joy, you will never forget it and will always strive to have it as part of your life.

In this day and age, with the polarities of duality in full swing, it can be very easy to jump out of joy and go into judgment, to feel depressed and to see only the negative things happening all around us. Recently, I’ve noticed myself allowing external circumstances to influence my mood, to pull me into the drama of the world and see only imperfection around me.  Two weeks ago though, I was privileged to witness the birth of my latest grandchild, a baby girl who’s arrival was greatly anticipated with great joy….yes real joy.  Connecting with her little soul prior to birth and knowing that she was coming into our family for a huge purpose caused much excitement for us all.  I didn’t realize that just with that connection, the joy was already there and was fully felt when she finally arrived.  I am truly in joy when I’m in nature, feeling connected to all things, when I teach and now when I’m holding this new little baby in my arms.  The heart connection and the gratitude makes it an easy energy for me to maintain.

It can be difficult to jump from feelings of fear, grief, depression, despair and feelings of powerlessness all the way up to feelings of joy, knowledge, empowerment, freedom, love and appreciation all in one go.  As outlined in the book “The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent” by Esther and Jerry Hicks, they have created “The Emotional Guidance System” which is kind of like a ladder of emotions that can be climbed to finally bring you into true joy.  I would highly recommend this book for anyone struggling with not being able to find happiness and joy in their lives.  Gratitude and love is the quickest way to increase your vibration and mood and by setting your intent, you can become a deliberate creator of your own joy and bliss experiences. This is what we all strive for; it starts with the personality being happy, connecting with your heart to experience joy and then with Spirit to attain bliss….and it is possible for you in this lifetime.

Finding out what makes you happy and learning how to create that is a great place to start.  We also have to become a co-operative component in our own life for creating that joy.  If we are dead set on being grumpy, angry, withdrawn and just plain negative, then chances are, there is some healing that needs to be done for us before we can reach for something different.  I try to begin each morning by watching cute animal videos, by reading inspiring and heart felt stories and setting my intent for a great day ahead.  I feed my backyard squirrels and birds each morning as go around the yard and talk to all my flowers.  This may seem weird to some, but it helps me to connect with all living things, get me into my heart and to feel the excitement of a brand new day with all its infinite possibilities.  Find what makes you happy, what makes your heart sing, and do that….joy will quickly follow.

Until next time,

With much Love, Light and Blessings,


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Cleansing Your Personal Space

It’s very important for us to all have a safe place that we can go to when we’re feeling stressed out, hurt or in need of some much needed introspection.  As a parent, I can remember years ago when the kids were small and we lived in a tiny house, seeking the solitude of a hot bath for 10 minutes since that was the only place where I could close the door and hopefully get a little peace and quiet.  Times have changed, with the kids all grown now and the move into a bigger house where I am fortunate to have my office/healing room overlooking a beautiful yard as my center of refuge.  We all need a special space that holds our energies, where we can retreat to when needed, where we can be creative, where we can have silence if that’s what we need in order to hear what our own heart is saying to us.  Many find this refuge in nature, listening to the birds singing, or by water or even in a park listening to children laughing and playing.

As an energy healer, I understand the importance of having that sacred, safe space.  For anyone who has ever done healing work, you will know of the negative energies that others can carry with them and attempt to drop off to you during a healing session.  For those who work outside the home, I’m sure you encounter negative people all the time, either through working with the general public or perhaps there’s someone in your work space that is super negative most of the time.  It’s very important for us to try to keep our personal space, either at home or work clear of these negative energies because if we don’t, they will and can influence our mood, our ability to concentrate and to create.  We need to take control of our personal space and below, I’ve outlined a few things that you can personally do.  All of these are easy to do at home, but if you work in a crowded space, many of these things may cause your workmates to look at you very strangely.  I’ve also tried to include some more discrete ones where you’ll know what you’re doing, but no one else may notice.


  • Crystals have known healing and cleansing properties. Keeping a few scattered around you work space will help to repel negative energies that attempt to invade.  You can also wear crystals as a necklace.
  • Fresh cut flowers are also a great way to ward off negativity since you are inviting earth energies, beauty and fragrance into your space. A plant is good, but it doesn’t create the same energy as flowers do.  Besides, looking at beautiful flowers will also elevate your energy level, helping you to raise your vibration and the energy of the environment.
  • You can also purchase music that is specifically designed to remove negative energies. During our house cleansings or before doing any healing work, we will blast our space with this ear deafening, high pitched music which will often not only remove pesky energies but it also removes anyone who can’t stand the sound (it might also work on pesky neighbours- I’ll have to try that sometime.)
  • Burning incense or smudging your space is also a great way to remove unwanted energies. Smudging is a traditional cleansing technique that involves burning specific herbs, roots, resins and barks believed to have healing properties.  It is the smoke and the aroma that is said to have the cleansing effect.  Smudging also purifies the air space of airborne viruses and disease by releasing negative ions into the air which is why it was often done for those suffering from illness and disease.
  • If you are allergic or sensitive to smoke, you may also want to give essential oils a try. They work much on the same principals as smudging but instead can be evaporated in a diffuser (steam).
  • Using a chime or bell as another form of sound cleansing can also be useful. Crystal bowls, singing bowls and rattles can also be used to drive away negative energies.  Many types of healing music will incorporate these sounds as well.  I am fortunate to have a high heart, which when played, creates the vibrational sound of the heart chakra frequency, which lower vibrations don’t resonate with, thus causing them to leave.
  • This is actually the emotion of joy being turned into vibration.  Watching a negative person or energy hit a wall of this high vibration and being repelled by it is a sure indication that the laws of resonance really does work.
  • Usually, after I clean my space, I will use salt (regular table or sea salt works fine) around the perimeter.  This will prevent anything negative from re-entering my space.  Those who visit my home will find a line of salt at the front door.  My true friends who really know me don’t judge anymore but instead find it useful themselves because it really does work.
  • Raise your own vibration through healing work. When you are able to hold a high vibrational frequency, you will become like a bug zapper to any negativity that tries to enter your auric field.  Darkness cannot survive when it encounters light.
  • Intent is the single most effective way to protect your space and yourself. Intending to keep your space clean and clear of negativity will engage the Laws of Attraction and Resonance and will be made even stronger if you’ve done any personal healing work.  Along with intent would go prayers of protection, learning how to close your own aura and psychic tie cutting, all of which we teach to our clients and students.  Also remember that nothing has any meaning until you give it one, and this is where intent plays a huge role.

These things work for me and for many others that I’ve taught energy healing to, but there may be something else that works for you.  Whatever that is, use it, continue to intend it to work, and watch for great results.  Until next time.

Love, Light and Blessings,


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Sculpting Our Reality Through Beliefs

sculpting reality

Have you ever said or done something and then stopped and wondered what made you act in such a way?  What about watching the behaviour of others and wondering why we judge their actions or inactions as good or bad?  We are all conscious beings, tuning into the surface of what’s happening to us most of the time, but we are sub-conscious beings as well, and most often, we aren’t in touch with those parts of us that operate under the surface of our conscious awareness.  Although a huge and in-depth subject, I’d like to touch on an aspect that we will often deal with in energy healing and that is our belief systems.

Most people don’t think much about what they believe but it is these belief systems, which have been forming since the moment we’re born, that sculpt our lives for us.   As we enter this world, we are a “clean slate” so to speak that is ready to receive programming from our environment.  We have needs as well- the need to survive, to form relationships, to be loved, to be nurtured, to grow and evolve and we learn how to have our needs met based upon the beliefs that are taught to us.  First, our parents teach us all the things that they were taught and that worked for them; then, we learn from our other family members, then our teachers, friends, eventually our environment, churches, the world media, our community, society and eventually we’ll have our own experiences that either strengthen or weaken certain beliefs that we’ve been taught.  Everything we say and do, every behaviour, every fear, our wounds and many of our emotions are affected by what we believe to be true for us.

What’s important to understand is that what we believe actually holds the framework of what we will create in our own lives.  Beliefs allow us to function “normally” each day, help us interact with others and we will tend to be drawn to others who believe the same things that we do, thus helping to form a particular group consciousness.  There are many, many different group consciousness’ in our world and some vibrate the same as we do; but there are many that don’t, thus the judgment aspects of our lives.  Beliefs help us each form our own truth and problems can arise when we feel the need for our truth to be everyone else’s truth too.  As you watch the news and read the newspaper, you will see examples of this everywhere right now, with wars being waged over everyone’s individual or group beliefs, everyone getting upset about something someone has said that they either agree or don’t agree with….this is duality in motion and emotion. Group consciousness however, is very difficult to change because it will only move at the speed of the group.  All the beliefs held within a particular group don’t want to be challenged and when they are, you will see different factions of that group breaking off to pursue their own set of rules and actions based upon their beliefs.

It is important to understand that belief systems can be changed but must first be done at the individual level.  So, why would you even want to change your beliefs about something?  Unfortunately, most of what we believe comes from outside sources and aren’t even ours; they have been taught to us from others and will get passed down generation to generation unless we take on new beliefs.  Belief systems are either positive (based on love) or negative (based on fears).  Each one that we have serves us in its own way.  If our programming is positive and based in love, then chances are we feel uplifted, positive and are relatively happy in our lives.  But often, we are given negative, limiting, fear based messages that will and often do prevent us from having peace, happiness and joy in our lives.  If you’ve been told since the time you were born that you were a victim or worthless for example, then why would you not believe this?  This would become your personal truth and also would become your point of attraction.

When we can learn to go inside though, to listen to our heart and to hear our real desires without always defaulting to those negative beliefs that others have taught us, then that’s when real change begins to happen.  So, I challenge you all to take a look at what it is you really believe about yourself, about others and about the world around you.  Then, ask if these beliefs are based on love or fear- do they allow you to expand or cause you to withdraw?  You might be surprised at what you’ll find but this is the first step in deciding if it’s serving you or not.  And if it’s not, then perhaps it’s time for a change in thought and consideration of what new reality you’d like to sculpt that’s waiting for you right around the corner.

Love, Light and Blessings,


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Finding “Me” Time In A Busy Life


Have you ever had one of those days where you are simply so tired you can’t function or even think straight?  I’m not talking about a “goof off” day, where you just don’t feel like going to work or doing chores around the house but instead a day where you just know that you have nothing more to give and you need a real break from life.  Parents, caregivers, many professional people who are constantly on the run will understand what I’m talking about here.  Sometimes though, this type of weariness can sneak up on us before we know it and suddenly, nothing is flowing, nothing is getting accomplished and we feel like we just need to take a break from life for a day or two.  This happened to me last week.  Now, I don’t believe I lead a very stressful lifestyle.  I work for myself, create classes and workshops, do the odd tradeshow, write a blog, don’t have anything in my day to day life that I’d consider stressful, but last week showed me just how sneaky stress can be, to the point where I could simply no longer function.  In our healing school, we call this having a “Down for Maintenance” day.

Having just completed a family event last weekend, and preparing for an upcoming class in 2 weeks, I sat down at my computer last Monday morning to write this, my latest article, and found that my brain had suddenly deserted me.  There were no thoughts coming, no inspiration; just an overwhelming feeling of how tired I was and how irritated I was with myself that I wasn’t accomplishing all the things I set up for myself that day.  So, I decided that the many expectations I had set up for myself for that day were just going to have to wait (nothing was getting accomplished anyway) and I was going to allow myself to go “down for maintenance”.  I am so fortunate that I can do this; there are many who simply cannot take the time they need because of work, kids, parents, etc.  I closed the bedroom door, turned on a movie and actually rested, by myself, away from everyone and all the work that was waiting for me.  And it was exactly what I needed to do, just for that one afternoon.  It allowed me to rest, reset and recharge.

As a society, we have been taught to work, work, work.  To work, we’ve been told, is a good thing.  Accomplishments are good, getting paid is good, surviving is good, leaving your mark on the world is good, giving to others is good, working for a certain cause is good…and yes, there is nothing wrong with this but because of this conditioning and the expectations that follow, we’re also led to believe that we should always give to others first and give to ourselves last; otherwise, we’re being selfish….right?  We cannot give from an empty vessel. So, what happens when you’ve given everything you have away to others and there’s nothing left for you?   As they tell you when you board an airplane with a child, always put your oxygen mask on first and then put on your child’s.  Life is kind of like this too.  We must find a way to juggle of all our responsibilities, those expectations we have for ourselves and needs of others with our own proper self-care.  If we don’t do this consciously, then at some point, we’ll find ourselves sick, tired and unable to continue when our body takes things into its own hands and decides for us that we need to stop.

So, how can you, even if you lead a super busy life, find some time for yourself?  By scheduling yourself into your own life.  We make appointments for meetings, doctors, dentists, our car, our kids sporting activities, etc. all the time and we would never think of missing any of those.   When we schedule in time for just us, we need to make sure we don’t miss that appointment either.  Pick something that you like to do- meditate, do yoga, paint, draw, have nice hot bath, go for a walk or take a nap and do that for an hour or longer each day.  If you don’t have time for you every day, make sure you schedule yourself in at least once a few times a week or as often as you can.  When my kids were small and I was working part time, I would spend my days off cooking, cleaning, doing errands, etc.  By the time they got off the school bus, I would have just finished all the “jobs” I had lined up for myself.  It took me a little while to figure out that I could allow myself “me” time first and I was a much happier person when I did this….and so were they.

Learning how to love yourself and fulfill your own needs first before giving it all away to others can be a difficult thing based upon how you were raised and what you believe.  Next time, I will be writing about what belief systems are and how they sculpt our lives for us.  Until then, remember, you count; you’re important and giving to yourself first will ensure that you have something to give to others even though you may have been taught differently.   If you are a source of uplifting, positive energy because of how you’ve nourished yourself, then that’s what others will receive back from you.

With much Love, Light and Blessings,


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Hope-The 1st Stage of a Healing Process

During my many years as a teacher and healer, I have seen many people come through the door with a variety of different issues that range from a general feeling of being stuck in their lives, to money or relationship issues, feelings of grief, shame, loneliness, self-esteem issues all the way to forgiveness and wanting to connect with their angels or spirit selves.  Many of our clients and students aren’t sure where to start in addressing these issues but the common feeling most of them share is one of fear; fear of the unknown, fear of moving out of a space that is familiar and comfortable and fear of change.  Fear is the exact opposite of who we really are but we will often become attached to the hopelessness and paralysis that comes from being in this state.  Many people don’t know how to get out of fear because very simply, that’s all they’ve ever known.

Beginning a healing process can be difficult.  We are often so attached to our dramas, our story, and to the familiar patterns of negative, limiting beliefs and behaviours that the mere thought of opening Pandora’s Box to see where it’s all come from is just too much, and we will always default back to that which is comfortable for us.  If we are ever going to change and evolve though, we must learn to create new levels of comfort for ourselves.  If we’re lucky enough, there will be a point, perhaps what we’d call a breaking point, where we have finally had enough and are ready to move from fear into real personal power. We may begin to get messages from our “Universe”, and suddenly we’ll begin to find books, articles, classes, and others who will help us on our healing path.  There will be a “calling” or a knowing that we simply can’t stay where we are anymore, and that no matter what we have to do, we need to move forward in our evolution.  I think at some point in every lifetime, we will all experience this to some degree whether it presents itself as a mid-life crisis, a disease or illness, an emotional or mental break-down, a divorce, job change and a plethora of other instances.

holding on

So, how do you move from fear and stuck-ness into a healing process?  First of all, we need that magical ingredient called Hope.  If there is absolutely no glimpse of hope in your dark world, then chances are you will remain stuck there in the resolve that you either can’t heal, that nothing has worked before so why would it work this time, that nothing ever changes so why would it now, and all those other low vibrational thoughts and conditioning that you keep telling yourself over and over.  However, if you can at least entertain the thought that maybe, just maybe, things might possibly change at some point, then you’ve begun to tap into that wonderful, positive energy that drives us on and forward in our lives.  A world without hope would indeed be a dark place to be since there would be eternal non-evolution.

As I’ve outlined in the steps below, discomfort is the first sign that things aren’t right in your life.  At this point, you have a choice to make:  you can either live with the discomfort and stay where you are (I know many who choose this and very much respect their decision ) or you can begin to engage and use the energy of hope that will tell you that perhaps, just maybe, things could be different for you in some way. This can be a challenge for those who feel like their lives are spinning out of control but if we can catch our breath and get our bearings long enough to make some really positive choices for ourselves, including deciding to get our lives back no matter what it takes, this is the first real step in making positive change happen.  Fear is a natural emotion that will always pop up in our lives but being able to walk into our fears will mean that they will no longer have any power or control over us.  No matter what you’re dealing with, all healing work happens in a similar way and will generally follow the same steps:

  1. Discomfort. This is usually the first thing that happens that clues you in to the fact that something isn’t quite right for you.  It’s the first sign that things need to change.
  2. Pattern Awareness. When you begin to recognize a pattern in your life and begin to understand why you always do the same things, this is the first step in taking responsibility and gaining awareness of it. This isn’t about fault and blame but instead about understanding.
  3. Perspective. Understanding that another perspective is possible can move you from being stuck in one form of thinking and acting into a new pattern of creating.
  4. Choice. By understanding that you have a choice to change will bring you into self-empowerment. There is always another way even if you can’t see it yet.
  5. Identification. When you are able to locate the energy pattern of discomfort, you can start to ask yourself questions such as why, where, when and what.  This will help you expand your awareness of the situation and begin to move out of it.  In our healing school, we teach many different techniques to help you get answers to these questions and how to do the next step.
  6. Release. When working with releasing an old pattern, thought form or negative energy, we will cry, scream, laugh or release anger/rage. This allows the energy to release and is all part of saying good-bye to the old to make room for something new.
  7. Emptiness. As you let something negative go, it’s time to fill the empty space with something new and positive.
  8. Integration. Allow yourself time to get used to a new way of being.  Catch yourself if you feel yourself slipping back into old patterns and behaviours.
  9. Grounding. Allow yourself to be grounded in the now moment instead of the past or present.  This will open you up to new possibilities.
  10. Gratitude. The quickest way to come into your heart is with gratitude and forgiveness. When you can feel this, you will know that the healing is complete.

How do you really know that you’ve healed an issue?  When what used to trigger you no longer does.  When you notice this starting to happen, know that you are well on your way to dropping negative, limiting thoughts and beliefs about yourself and the world around you.  Now, watch everything begin to change as you evolve, grow and raise your vibration high enough to begin creating your world your way.   It does happen….we see it all the time and it all starts from having that magical ingredient called Hope.

With Love, Light and Blessings,


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The 1st Chakra- Your Grounding Centre

When creating our energy healing school 8 years ago, The Awakening Angels School For Healing, Enlightenment and Ascension Mastery, we had so much information that we had gathered throughout our years of schooling, reading, channelling, giving workshops and from one on one client sessions that we weren’t sure exactly where we should start; but like all things, there must be a beginning point and we decided that the very first thing that someone going into a healing process needs is to feel safe.  If you don’t feel safe, defence systems will stay in place, the essential healing ingredient of allowing vulnerability to open your heart will never come into play and negative, limiting belief systems will never allow for new and wonderful ideas to be introduced to you.  The characteristic of feeling safe and secure comes from your 1st chakra, and so, this was where we decided to begin our school classes.  If we can think of the chakra system much like climbing up a ladder or like stepping up onto stones that are piled one upon the other, we will always want to make sure that the first one, the foundation, is strong and secure because if we don’t build this solid foundation, we will begin to get shaky and uncertain as we climb higher and will always be in danger of falling back down to the bottom again.  And so, the foundation of our school was set- start with the 1st chakra and work our way up to the top.

The first chakra is located underneath the pelvic bone in the perineum and it energetically spins out and down.  It appears clairvoyantly as the colour red and it hold the energy of connection with our tribe and the earth.  It is where we relate to the many (the 2nd chakra is where we relate one on one with others and the 3rd chakra is where we relate to ourselves).  As infants, first born into this world, it is our job to connect to the earth, to ground our energy here so we can have our earthly experiences.  We all have the need to survive and to belong.  We learn social skills and a sense of heritage and community, loyalty, trust and honour to our particular tribe (family).  From this centre, we seek vitality, abundance, protection and security.  If you feel like you have all of these things in your life, then you probably don’t have any blockages in this particular chakra.  However, each chakra also carries with it wounds that form when the needs of that chakra aren’t met.

The wounds of the 1st chakra include feelings of fear of separation and abandonment, which is this chakras core wound.  It also includes fear of insufficiency (the mind set of lack), fear of personal safety, panic, paranoia, isolation, prejudices and negative beliefs about others.  During our classes, we concentrate of clearing those negative aspects and wounds, which will in turn strengthen the positive characteristics of each one.  From this chakra, we also ground our energies.  Many have heard the term “being grounded” before, but what does that actually mean?  Being grounded means that you are embracing your right as a human being to function and operate on this planet in a physical body.  It means that you are connected with the earth and that all of your energy and awareness is focused in the Now moment of time.  For anyone who has ever woken up in the morning, late, stubbed your toe getting out of bed, walked into a wall, slipped in the shower, may even tripped, you have experienced NOT being grounded.  Chances are, unless you sat for a moment and gathered yourself, which is actually an act of grounding, you probably continued to experience similar things throughout your day.  Constantly dropping things and feelings of being disconnected from your body are a few other symptoms of being ungrounded.


When we are able to stop, close our eyes, take a deep breath, listen to our outer surroundings first, then bring our attention into our body, this is an act of grounding.  Taking a nice, calm walk, taking a relaxing bath, gardening, meditating or just being in nature are also good ways to ground.  Any act that brings us into the precious Now moment and gathers all of our energies to us is beneficial.  Being grounded will help us to feel safe, present, connected and is a very 1st chakra thing to do.  For those of you who do any form of energy work, grounding is the first, essential step to making the earth/spirit connection.

There are many advantages to being grounded and feeling safe, including helping us to bring ourselves into alignment with our true wishes and desires, to help us operate in the present moment instead of the past or future, to be able to think more clearly and be able to solve challenges without fear.  We all have the fight or flight instinct that is there to help keep us safe.  Often though, if we aren’t grounded or feeling safe, we will take flight if we’re thrown into a situation where we feel uncomfortable and don’t want to deal with something.  Then, after we’re feeling safe again, we tend to think of all those things we “should” have said and done.  Planting both feet on the earth, standing our ground and making a choice to embrace life by being willing to stay present during difficult challenges will help us take back our personal power from people, situations and fears.

The important thing to remember is that grounding and feeling safe is associated with the 1st chakra, and this can help us eventually step into our own personal power and sovereignty which is a 3rd chakra issue.  We need the strong foundation and base first and thus, we start at the beginning with the beautiful energies of feeling safe, secure and grounded.  Being able to draw upon these qualities in any challenging situation can help you turn negative experiences into positive ones, thus allowing you to draw upon your inner strength and build your confidence.  And this is a great place to start.

Love, Light and Blessings,


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